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Madhyapur Thimi Municipality Grade 11 Scholarships

 Madhyapur Thimi Municipality in Bhaktapur, Bagmati Pradesh, invites application for Grade 11 Scholarship for the 2080 academic session.

Eligibility & Application Process
To apply for the scholarship, students must adhere to the following guidelines and requirements:
> Students should have successfully passed their Secondary Education Examination (SEE). A copy of the SEE pass certificate is required.
> Inclusion Certificate from an Official Commission/Association is necessary for students eligible for the Inclusive Scholarship.
> Students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds need to provide a recommendation letter from their local ward, confirming their financial status.
> Families with multiple children should note that the scholarship is limited to one child per family.
> To initiate the application process, download the application form from the official Madhyapur Thimi Municipality website at

Selection Process
Scholarship recipients will be chosen based on an examination. The examination will consist of 100 objective questions based on the Class 10 syllabus.

Important Dates and Further Information
Please note, all application materials must be submitted to the Education, Youth and Sports Branch, Madhyapur Thimi Municipality, by the deadline on 2080/04/10.

view official scholarship notice below: