Saturday, June 29, 2024

Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City Grade 11 Scholarships Notice

 Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City Office of the Municipal Executive, Educational Administration Division Lumbini Province, Dang, invites applications from qualified candidates seeking to study in Grade 11 on a scholarship.

According to the decision of the Institutional School Scholarship Management Committee of Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City, students who wish to study on a scholarship in institutional schools within Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City for the academic session 2081 are informed to submit their applications to the Educational Administration Division by Ashar 28, 2081 (July 12, 2024).

Scholarships are available at the following schools.
School Name-Ward-Address
Alpha English Boarding School-14-Ghorahi-14 Dang
Dang Valley Secondary School-15-Ghorahi 15 Dang
Deepshikha Awasiya Secondary School-15-Ghorahi
Galaxy Academy-18-Ghorahi 18
Godawari English Boarding School-13-Ghorahi
Gorkha International Public Secondary School-14-Rabbe
Gurukul Academy-15-Ratanpur
Gyan Sindhu Educational Academy-15-Ghorahi
Hindu VidyaPeeth- Nepal-15-Ghorahi 15, Ghorahi
Janajyoti Vidyamandir English Boarding School-15-Sukrapath Tole , Ghorahi
Madan Bhandari Memorial Secondary School-17-Ghorahi 17
Manakamana English Secondary School-17-Ghorahi-17, Chaughera, Dang
Mechi Kali Boarding Secondary School-15-Ghorahi 15
Mount View English Boarding School-18-Mountview tole
Nepal Police English Boarding School-17-Ghorahi 17, Gulariya Dang
Rapti Awasiya Secondary School-18-Ghorahi 18
Shanti Sudha English Boarding School-15-Ghorahi
Siddhartha Academy Ebs-15-Ghorahi, Dang
Valley Top English Boarding School-18-Ghorahi 18
Vidhya Nilkantha Secondary School-15-Ghorahi 15,

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