Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City Grade 11 Scholarships Notice

Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City has notified all institutional schools under its jurisdiction that scholarship distribution details must be submitted by the academic year 2081.

According to Rule 151 of the Education Regulation 2059 (with amendments) and Rule 90 of the Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City's Education Act 2079, schools must provide scholarships to at least 10% of their total student population. These scholarships are intended for disadvantaged groups such as the poor, disabled, women, Dalits, and indigenous students.

The schools must ensure that the scholarship distribution details are accurately prepared and recorded in IEMIS-2081. These details must be submitted to the Education, Youth, and Sports Branch within 15 days of this notice (Ashadh 27, 2081).

view scholarship notice below: