Friday, July 29, 2022

Career Choice: Sales Person, Sales Person Training Institutes in Nepal

Salesperson is someone who understands the need and wants of the customer and who helps them find what they are looking for. A good salesperson knows that —‘The Customer is KING’ and he/she should never be confused with the fact that company depends upon the customers it serves. 

Sometimes, customers may not know what they are looking for, or in some case, they might lack in words and description- that’s when a good sales person comes in—he /she understands the need of the customer and offers them help in finding what they are looking for.

A good salesperson should always serve the customer at the best of his/her ability- and that’s the best-kept secret of this profession. Rather than judging by the looks of the customer, a good salesperson should always welcome the customer with a warm smile; whether the customer would buy their product or not.

In today’s highly competitive environment, sales is also about customer retention. Salesperson is fooling himself or herself by selling a defective product. Because that customer will never come back again and you are loosing that customer forever or might lose even more due to bad publicity. Hence, honesty and respect for the customer should always come as a top priority for a salesperson.

It is important to have personal skills than professional certificates in this profession. Salesperson must be a people person and should have the ability to mix with people at varied levels. In addition, he/she should have good communication, problem-solving skills and most importantly should have an ability to convince people. .

Although there aren't any formal educational requirements for salespersons, many employers prefer a high school diploma or its equivalent for retail business; but others like for Medical Representatives (MR) normally associated with Medical Fields requires Bachelors degree atleast.

The trained and skilled professionals are in great demand with the expansion of marketing sector. This has opened the doors to people who wish to purse career in this field. The working time depends up on the company one works for. It can vary from regular jobs like 9am to 5pm; to retail businesses like 10am to 7pm. And sometimes depending on the workplace one might have to work on Saturdays and public holidays as well.

Possible career paths in this field include Sales, Store Manager, Retail Manager, Retail Buyers & Merchandisers, Visual Merchandisers, Supply Chain distributor, Logistic & Warehouse managers and Marketing Executives.

There is a good demand for trained & talented retail management professionals in Nepal. Companies like UFO, Bhatbhateni Department Store, Namaste Supermarket, Saleways Peanuts, Top Class, etc have opened chains through out the cities which offer huge job openings.

Depending upon the company, nature of work and the area where you work, the remuneration greatly varies. The salary ranges from NRs1000 to 100000 per month (depending upon post & experience) with bonuses and extra working hour benefits in some companies.

There is a greater scope of advancement in this field. The one with experience and seniority usually move to positions of greater responsibility and good pay.