Friday, July 29, 2022

Career Choice: Secretary, Secretary Training Institutes in Nepal

A secretary is a person who is responsible for the smooth running of the administrative and clerical duties. Other titles describing jobs similar to that of secretary are personal secretary, office assistant, executive secretary and general secretary and so on. The exact nature of the work varies widely from job to job.

The main duties of secretary consist of:
> Typing letters, filing bills and letters & maintaining files
> Taking phone calls for their boss & transferring important calls to the boss
> Handling the boss appointments & calendar
> Scheduling and canceling appointments
> Organizing & canceling meetings
> Making travel arrangements & accommodation
> Control the work environment in absence of boss

The work of a secretary covers a wide variety of functions. Secretary to aid them in their tasks uses many machines like fax, telephone systems, photocopy, scanners etc. They also work on personal computers to develop spreadsheets; write correspondence; supervise databases; and produce presentations etc.

A course in office administration would be beneficial for someone aiming to become a secretary. Learning interpersonal skills and etiquette would be an added advantage for a secretary.

Candidates who have passed +2 are eligible for the diploma/certificate courses.

Normally, organizations prefer applicants with a degree and secretarial training. A basic knowledge of computers is increasingly required. Communication skills are most valuable on the job.

Job prospect for secretary is quite good and there is scope of growth as well.

The size of the company and qualification & experience determines the remuneration. Some of the average monthly earnings ranges are from 4500-Rs. 10000 plus per month.

Institutes offering Secretary classes as follows:
- Secretarial Training at The New Era Institute, Battisputali, Kathmandu, 4471957
- Secretarial Training at Kathmandu Institute of Hospitality Management, Kupondole, Lalitpur, 5523648, 2111340
- Secretarial Training at Acutech Consultants, Pulchowk, Lalitpur, 01-5010720, 98037967