Friday, July 29, 2022

Career Choice: Videographer, Videographer Training Institutes in Nepal

In simple terms, Videography is the art of telling a story through careful presentation of video. On a set, Videographer is usually responsible for the camera, lighting and sound. To produce smooth footage, Videographer needs good hand-eye coordination and a steady grip; they must have extensive knowledge in operating a video camera; and they must familiarize themselves with the locations that will be used. Videographer uses video cameras to make films & documentaries. They also create visual presentations for corporations and record special events or celebrations such as anniversaries and weddings. Some Videographers do their own editing, which is often performed through computer software due to the rise in digital technology.

Significant Points:
> Videographers normally acquire their skills through on-the-job or formal postsecondary training or combination of both. Research and subscriptions to magazines & newsletters can also enhance videography skills.
> A mix of technical expertise, a sharp eye, creativity and imagination are essential.
> Many talented people are attracted to this field. Hence, Competition is keen for professionals seeking to enter this field.

There are many different workplaces for videographers. Those employed by television and cable networks and advertising agencies usually work a 5-day, 40-hour week. Sometimes to meet production schedules, they may need to work longer hours. Videographers, working in news section in television often work long, Though this profession looks exciting and interesting, it is quite demanding as well. Employees must be available to work on short notice and they must be willing to work at various hours. Normally, Videographer working in motion picture production work long & irregular hours.

Videographer has various choices. They can make career as full time employee in Television Channel like Kantipur, Image Channel, Avenues, News 24, National, Sagarmatha and others. Freelancing is quite common in this profession. They can also work as a freelancer in documentaries, short films, TVC, Corporate Presentation, Music Video and Special Presentation.

Depending upon the experience and qualification, the salary for Videographer, normally, ranges from Nrs. 10000 to 50,000. As a freelancer in documentaries, music video and other presentations, earning is between NRs. 20000 to 100,000 per project.

Institutes offering Videographer classes as follows:
- Videography Training at Academy of Audio-Visual Arts & ScienceTripureshwor, GPO Box: 14377, Ktm, Kathmandu, 4265718, 4256522
- Videography Training at Kantipur Photography Videography Training Institute, Putalisadak, Kathmandu, 4422236
- Videography Training at Universal Photography Videography Training Institute P. Ltd, Putalisadak, Kathmandu, 4422236
- Videography Training at Universal Photography Videography Training Institute P. Ltd, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, 2004956
- Videography Training at Image Broadcasting Acadamy, Bagbazar, Kathmandu, 2001414,2002084