Friday, July 29, 2022

Career Choice: Video Jockey, Video Jockey Training Institutes in Nepal

A Video Jockey (VJ) is a person who introduces and plays music videos on television. VJ is responsible for entertaining audience with his/her witty anchoring and presentation. The Video Jockey should adopt a unique style and delivery, which usually determines their popularity among the audience.

VJ's work area involves - introducing videos, hosting game & travel, chatting with the public, doing interviews with artists etc. VJ is required to be up-to-date on the latest trends in music, information about music stars and other celebrities. To fulfill their role as experts, VJ should have a well-rounded knowledge of all types of music and also should be informed about a bit of everything from films to politics to travel whatever the theme the show demands.

Personality Traits

A VJ should possess following attributes:
> Excellent communication skills
> Good sense of humor
> Knowledge of and interest in music
> Possess good diction
> Creativity of mind
> Ownership of a live appealing voice

Some of the popular VJs in Nepal are Suraj, umit, Saloni, Malvika, Navaraj, Nisha  etc. The growth in the TV industry and rise in the number of TV channels have opened a number of opportunities to young, energetic and enthusiastic who has passion to entertain. With more and more new TV channels being proposed, the demand for Video Jockeys is likely to shoot up in the coming years.

Except some personal attributes, no specific educational background or qualification is needed to become a Video Jockey. However, a course in public speaking & mass communication can prove to be of great help.

Countless opportunities are open for good video jockeys as the demand for good Video Jockey is on rise with the launch of numerous TV channels. They are being hired to host various shows like game, travel, chitchat, music etc on numerous channels like Kantipur, Image, Sagarmatha, ABC, Channel Nepal etc.

There is no such thing as hierarchy in this profession. The success lies entirely on VJ’s attributes- his or her ability to connect with the audience. This profession is exciting as one get to host shows in the country or abroad, meet celebrities, and be on the glam walk of life.

A successful VJ can also opt for program producer, modeling, acting in music videos & films.

Video Jockey salaries will vary greatly depending on the size of the TV station and the type of show. The experience & popularity of Video Jockey also play great role in determining salary. Usually, salaries will range from Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 25,000 depending on the factor mentioned. Besides, personal appearances and endorsements give Video Jockeys the ability to earn additional revenue.

Institutes offering Video Jockey classes as follows:
- Video Jockey (VJ) Training at The MediaĆ¢€™s Collection, Bagbazar, Kathmandu, 4233043
- Video Jockey (VJ) Training at Axis Media and Ent. P. (Ltd), Bagbazaar, Kathmandu, 2331656